Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Study Abroad

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Studying abroad seems to be a wise and practical decision. After all, who doesn’t want to experience different cultures and meet new people? But enrolling in a program abroad is easier said than done. There are still many factors that have to be considered. You should look at your financial ability, as well as the fact that you’ll be away from your family and friends. Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone?

Even moving from one state to another requires you to consider some factors. Can you imagine hiring a moving company and then realizing that you’re not ready to live your life behind? The hassle of detangling the mess! You have to make sure that you’re ready to take the plunge. Here are the four questions that you need to ask yourself:

Am I prepared to leave my family and friends behind?

Moving to another country is very different from moving to another state. Your family can visit you regularly if you’re just on the other end of the coast. It’s different when they need to secure a visa or buy a plane ticket to see you. You’ll probably only see each other during the holidays. If you’re all busy, that might not even be possible. The same goes for your friends.

Are you ready to leave that life behind? You’ll be starting anew. You’ll meet new friends, sure, but they’ll never be like your friends back home. Although moving away is a great adventure and one that you should take on, make sure that you’re ready for the consequences.

Have I chosen a city and a study program?

What do you know about the city you’re moving into? You’ve watched the movies. You probably know that Italy is for romance, cobbled stones, and pasta. But what do you know about its study programs? What are the best degrees to acquire from its universities? What can you learn by living in the city? Do you even want to be in cities such as Rome or Milan? Or do you prefer the stillness of the provinces?

Find a city that will pump blood in your veins. You might want to live in Los Angeles, California and take up a business administration course. You can also find a small province that will bring peace to your heart. This is your chance to choose a place that defines where you are in your life. Choose the city and the study program well.

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Can I afford it?

You can get scholarships; that will answer your tuition and accommodation—if you got a full one. But how about your living expenses such as food, utility bills, and clothing? Can you work while studying? Will your visa allow you to work? Many people managed to finish their studies abroad because they’d juggled academics and working. You have to ready yourself for that.

What are my career goals after graduating?

Are you going to move back home? Are you going to stay abroad? Will you be allowed to stay abroad in the first place? It is also important to decide what you want to happen to your career before enrolling in a course abroad. Knowing where you want to go with your career will empower you. It will also enable you to plan for the future.

Living and studying abroad is an exciting prospect. But that does not mean that you have to dive into it headfirst. Look closely at the things that matter to you, and figure out a plan. Work on that plan before packing your bags and moving away.

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