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Smart Suggestions for Preparing for a Fun Road Trip

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As much as we’d like to imagine that there’s a perfect road trip, there’s none. You’re lucky if you don’t get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere; luckier still if you have the cash to stay at luxurious hotels on your way to your destination. But for most us, road trips are these journeys we take to get to know ourselves better and have fun.

Create a Road Trip Playlist

What’s a road trip without your favorite tunes blasting from the car stereo? Before you start your trip, check your iTunes and remove duplicates. You don’t want to be fiddling on your controller to skip songs that somehow got added on the same list. It sounds funny to worry about a playlist when you’re about to drive through long and winding American roads. But admit it; you’re quite excited to DJ your way to your destination.

Clean Your Car Before and During the Trip

It’s not enough to get the car’s engine and fluids checked. Clean your car. Remove old candy wrappers and your dog’s hair that’s sticking to the seat covers. If possible, wash the seat covers because you could spend a night there. Make sure that it’s squeaky clean because this car’s going to be your friend for the next hundreds of miles. While on your trip, take the time out to clean your car. Organize the maps and hotel brochures so that these things won’t drive you mad if you get lost—it might really happen to you.

Loosen Up

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A road trip is a jovial time to spend your days musing while on the road. It’s not work. You don’t have to stress yourself out if you are out of schedule. Like many trips (even the ones you take to and from your workplace), there will be delays. You might find out that a certain road is closed for construction and you will be rerouted. Things will not always go your way. You have to loosen up a bit and embrace the chaos and changes.

Find Scenic Drives

Try to get off the highways and freeways. You can download apps that will guide you to scenic back roads. There’s no point in going on a road trip if you’re not going to see the country. Plan to see scenic roads and picturesque little towns on your way to your destination. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your country is.

Bring Cash

Normally, people bring their credit cards as a backup when their cash runs out. But remember that you’re going to be traveling on unknown roads. You’ll be surprised that even in the 21st century, some gas stations in obscure little towns don’t have credit card terminals. Bring cash with you for an emergency. And if you’re going to stroll around a town, put cash on your breast pocket to discourage pickpockets. Unfashionable as it is, belt bags placed in front of you are also smart accessories.

You’ll remember this road trip for the rest of your life. You’ll soon be too busy with work or family that you won’t have the time to go on another road trip. But having fun doesn’t mean that you should be careless. These tips are designed to make sure that you’re safe and secure on the road.

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