Here’s What You Should Know When You Go to London

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London is one of the most exciting places that you can visit. It is full of history, fashion, culture, and architecture, to name a few things. However, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb or deal with any issues when you get there. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your first trip to London.


The Right Side of an Escalator

This is a silent rule of London that everyone should follow. Even if you are a tourist, you should not exempt yourself from the rule, especially if you want to avoid nasty glares from the locals. If you plan to stand while you are on the escalator, you should stay on the right side as a sign of courtesy. The left side should be left open so that people who want to go up or down quickly can walk on the left side. The same rule goes for stairs, too, so make sure you keep this in mind while you are in London.


Airport Transfers

Hailing a cab or trying to get a taxi through your phone can be a hassle, especially if you just arrived in London. You can make the first part of your UK trip go smoothly by using airport transfers in London. It will help you leave the airport quickly and arrive at your destination without a problem. If you are looking forward to taking a nap and relaxing the second you arrive, then it is a great way to go straight to your hotel.


Learn Military Time

Most time displayed in London will be in military time, which can be a bit confusing for people who are not used to it. It can become an issue for you if you are not careful. For instance, you might end up booking a ticket for a show at 12:00 A.M. instead of 12:00 P.M.! Learning the difference is not hard, and you can practice by setting your phone on military time before the trip.


Check Before You Cross

If you live in a country like America, you might be used to cars driving on the right side of the road. People in England drive on the left side of the road, which is something that you should remember if you want to cross the street safely. It is a great time to remember that you should always look both ways before you cross the street. However, you can also check the roads and sidewalks because they are often labeled with “Look Right” or “Look Left.” To stay on the safe side, only cross the street when the pedestrian walk sign is lit.


London tour bus

Book in Advance

A lot of people want to visit London just like you, so there may be a lot of places booked up when you get there. You should book as many things in advance as you can before you arrive in London. It will help save yourself time waiting in line, save some cash by getting a better deal, and afford you more choices. It would be best if you book things at least a day ahead to avoid any troubles.

London is a beautiful place to go on vacation, but remember the tips above to make sure you have the best time possible.

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