Hi-Vis Clothing

Keeping Your Hi-Vis Clothing in Proper Condition

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Hi-vis or high-visibility clothing keeps you safe from the dangers of working in the field. This type of clothing is especially important at night, as it has reflective materials that help other people see you from afar. It can really save lives, which is why you should always make sure to wear your hi-vis gear when you are out and about at work.

Taking care of your hi-vis workwear in NZ can be a bit tricky. You cannot just put it in the washer or dryer, as the materials made with it can be damaged easily. Below, we will discuss a couple of things that you should remember when caring for your hi-vis clothing.

Wash it in Cold Water

Never wash your hi-vis clothing in warm or hot water, as doing so can compromise the quality of your hi-vis gear’s reflective button-up shirts. Yes, using warm or even hot water might be effective when removing stains, but you might want to find another way to do so if you do not want your gear to be damaged.

Warm or hot water can also fade the reflective materials on your hi-vis clothing in the long run, which can be dangerous if you are working on the field. You might not notice about it fading, too, which is why it is best to just wash your gear in cold water instead.

Wash it Inside Out

If you are in a hurry and you really need to wash your hi-vis clothing in the washer, then make sure to turn it inside out before washing it. As what we have mentioned earlier, the reflective tapes and material on your clothing can be damaged easily, especially when washed in the washer. If you need to put it in the dryer, then make sure to tumble dry low and remove it once the cycle is done. Hang it up to dry completely and see if nothing has been damaged in the process.

Avoid Using Bleach


Bleach can easily ruin the reflective materials on your gear. You should avoid using fabric softener, as this can take a toll on your hi-vis clothing. Instead, you should just wash your gear with good old mild detergent. It would be best to handwash it, too, and make sure to scrub gently to make sure that you would not ruin the reflective material on the clothing.

Refrain from Ironing

Never iron your hi-vis clothing, especially the reflective part of it. The reflective tapes or material can easily get damaged by the extreme heat of the iron, even if you do it inside out. If you want to get the wrinkles off, then you can use a steamer instead. Make sure to put it in the lowest settings possible to avoid damaging the materials.

It would be best to clean your gear at home rather than bring it to the dry cleaner’s. Aside from getting it as clean as possible, you will also avoid the chances of getting it damaged by accident.

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