What Does Your Office Say About You?

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You spend more time in your office than in your bedroom. Have you realised that? Your office space is a testament to how well-organised you are as a person. If your office and desk are uncluttered, people will automatically assume that you’re messy, too. Everything in your office — from the furniture, the wall paint, to the decorative plants — will leave either a bad or good impression on your business partners and clients.

If you’re running a dental practice, you can check dental instrument organisers online to arrange and sort out your apparatus. Not only is this more hygienic, but it can also impress your patients when they see that all your instruments are organised. So what does a messy and well-organised office space tell your customers and business partners?

Messy and Cluttered Offices

Some of the most creative people in the world are used to working in messy and cluttered spaces. The mess, apparently, inspires them. They can find what they need even if there’s a mountain of paperwork on their desk. Clean it up, and you’re bound to annoy these types of people.

But a messy office might make the perception that you’re disorganised and irresponsible. People may not want to work with you when they look at the hill of documents on your desk. Some people also believe that people with a lot of clutter around them can’t focus well. As a result, you may lose contracts, customers, and interested investors.

Too Organised

People who are too organised tend to put off investors and clients because they come off as too controlling. Sometimes, they prefer to have bare walls because they are easily distracted by the sight of things unrelated to their work. They are seen as lacking imagination and creativity.

For that person, their organised office boosts creativity. But for an outsider, a minimalist office comes off as “inhuman.” If there are zero paperwork on their desks, it might even look like they are not interested in their work or that they are too lazy to be bothered to do paperwork. Some minimalists are also famous for being tardy and for their I-don’t-care attitude at work.

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Finding a Balance

Any professional needs to find the balance between a messy and cluttered office and an organised one. Start by choosing the right furniture. You don’t need a lot of them, but be practical when picking functional ones such as a big desk, an ergonomic chair, and a lounge chair where you can welcome guests.

You can personalise your office by putting framed photos of your family, but don’t overdo it to the point that your walls are covered with personal photos. The colour of your walls will also send a message to your guests. Choose a neutral one that will make the space relaxing and comforting.

There are three things to remember when decorating your office: choose the right furniture, tidy up once in a while, and put up a couple of personal belongings. The last one is important so that the space doesn’t look and feel too cold and mechanical. Once you’ve taken all these to heart, you’ll find it easier to keep an office space that will send the right message to your business partners and clients.

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