Motorcycle Accidents: Possible Causes and Legal Aspects

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The safety of a motorcyclist on the road is dependent on the condition of their motorcycle and their protective apparel. However, the two are often not sufficient to provide comprehensive protection against injuries in the event of an accident. Even when they observe all the traffic rules, they are still at risk of suffering accidents as a result of other reckless motorists on the road.

Compensation cases

A majority of motorcyclists who suffer accidents tend to forego their right to be compensated for the injuries suffered. Following a motorcycle accident, always consider getting legal representation. There are licensed motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles who have dedicated their careers to representing motorcycle accident victims in compensation cases. Following an accident, consider reporting the matter to the police as soon as possible, followed by contacting a lawyer. Also, remember to visit a doctor for an examination. The doctor’s report is an essential document, especially when calculating the amount of compensation that you deserve.

Road design aspects

Some motorcycle accidents arise from unsafe road designs. From definition, a safe road design is one that allows motorists sufficient time to notice, process, and respond to situations. The situation may be as simple as a road sign or as serious as a forthcoming danger. Unfortunately, some roads do not possess safe designs, which puts the safety of motorists, especially motorcyclists, at risk. An example is blind corners. A blind corner may be defined as a bend on a road where a motorcyclist does not have a proper view of what lies behind it. Blind corners are a major cause of head-on collisions that result in worse injuries on the part of a motorcyclist. Another common safety concern is the glare from traffic lights, especially at night, which tends to blind motorcyclists increasing their susceptibility to suffer accidents. A sudden glare may cause a rider to miss a traffic sign or even change their lane, putting them in immediate danger of being run over by a speeding vehicle.


Product design aspects

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents result from product defects. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of motorcycle manufacturers recalling certain models as a result of arising safety concerns. There have been cases of motorcycles that accelerate on their own or engage sudden brakes. Imagine a situation where a motorcycle moving at a speed of 50 miles per hour suddenly begins to accelerate until it attains a new speed of 70 miles per hour. At that point, the safety of the motorcyclist is at risk. In the event that they are unable to slow down the motorcycle, their only option may be to jump off the speeding motorcycle. It is likely that jumping off a speeding motorcycle will result in injuries to the extent of bone fractures or a head concussion. Such a motorcyclist qualifies for compensation.

In most accidents involving motorcycles, the motorcyclist often qualifies for compensation. However, it is unfortunate that a majority of motorcyclists are unaware of this. As such, they are advised to contact their lawyers upon their involvement in an accident.

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