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New Product? Here’s How You Can Entice Customers to Buy (and Buy Again)

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Marketing comes in many forms — advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines, direct mail, and e-mail. All you need is to choose according to your preferences and budget. Many entrepreneurs see it as a way to help gain profit and drive their return on investment (ROI), but how do you exactly make the most of it? The answer is through multiple marketing channels.

By adopting a holistic approach to promotion, entrepreneurs like you can out-rate your competition while building a solid customer base. How? By providing an excellent and efficient customer experience. Here are some examples:

Send Them a Direct Mail

If you are a cosmetics company, for instance, you can target new and old customers for your new moisturiser with direct mail marketing. Using the data you have put together, you may distribute brochures with pictures and graphics appropriate for your target market. In fact, you can even add samples. Do not forget to add your contact details and website, too.

Update Your Website

website designingThrough your marketing efforts, a potential customer is now interested in your product. What next? You need to provide a customised landing page where they can buy it. For those who frequently visit your website, you can announce the addition of your new products on the homepage — and link it to where they can add it to their cart immediately and check out.

If possible, add a Live Chat feature on your website. This way, you can help customers if ever they have questions.

Send an E-mail Reminder

After purchase, you can set a schedule to send your customer an e-mail. If you know the average time a person could use up a bottle of moisturiser — for example, about two months (with regular use), then have your system remember that you need to send an e-mail to that specific customer. Ask them if their bottle is already empty or almost empty and it might be time to order again.

If you are generous, maybe you can add an online voucher on their second and succeeding purchases. Make it more enticing by providing an ‘Add to Cart’ button in the e-mail, along with the discounted price of the same moisturiser they bought two months ago.

Let Your Customers Invite Friends

Extend your special offers to your customer’s friends and social circles. For example, you can:

  • Give discount points to customers who invite a friend (through e-mail) to make an account and purchase from your website.
  • Give discounts for every person who enters your customer’s code whenever they make a purchase. This idea works well with influencers since they have a big following on their blogs and social media accounts.
  • Give discounts whenever a customer buys a product for a friend on special occasions.

The most successful marketing campaigns come from several teams that work together from start to finish. This means finding an agency to partner with, so you can work together closely and find strategies that will work well with your business.

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