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Space, Lighting, Furniture: Office Design Elements for Productivity

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For some people, interior design may simply mean applying techniques and working it out to make a room look nice. For homes, large windows can fill a room with natural light, luxurious carpets create a cosy atmosphere, and antique furnishings are well appreciated. But when it comes to workspaces, office interiors, companies offering office interior design services are tasked with making the space both beautiful and conducive to work and productivity.

A Beautiful Space to Work In

While there is the motive to create a working environment that is pleasing to the eye, business owners have other reasons behind these investments. Specific office designs should encourage positivity and productivity. The environment should reflect calmness, creativity and confidence, as well as practical aspects such as initiative, industry and communication. When these factors are taken into account, the overall benefits in the output of work done are noticeably well planned and of higher quality compared with when employees are working in old and cramped conditions.

Changing office interiors to improve working environment entails expenses, but there are also affordable yet highly effective options for offices with a low budget on office refurbishment. There are three main ways to improve office interiors to help every employee feel better about their working conditions. These are space, lighting and the office furniture.

Better Use of Space

Whether at home or in the office, cutting clutter is one of the best moves to lighten and brighten up space. It also allows more space to move around and avoids the claustrophobic feeling of sitting and moving in close proximity with fellow workers. Small office spaces can be distracting, and this can affect the productivity of the employees.

A solution to this is to keep a specific distance between work desks. If there is enough budget, cubicles can be installed to organise all computers and wiring as well as provide personal storage spaces for files and documents. Offices with extra rooms can create a break area with lush and comfortable sofa and comfortable seats where employees can find motivation and inspiration for their tasks and projects.

Natural Light

Large open plan office interior without peopleNatural lighting should be maximised in office spaces, as it is known to have a positive effect on workers’ productivity. Large windows instantly let sunlight in, but light coloured walls, floors and smooth surfaces also reflect light generously around the work area. Consider using glass-topped conference tables and pick out furniture with glass feature to distribute light around more effectively.

Ergonomic and Comfortable Furniture

This is the last of the three factors that business owners need to consider if they want to improve productivity, positivity and overall office happiness. Employees work better if they are using comfortable office chairs, which do not give them back pain at the end of the day. Business owners should also consider providing an area where employees can relax. It should be a place where comfortable furniture is provided so employees can feel refreshed, keep their concentration level high, and keep their ideas flowing.

The interior design of any office should be more than just aesthetic appeal. It should be improved in a way that employees will feel more productive and positive about their work.

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