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Preparing for a Deep Clean of Your Commercial Property

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A commercial property requires regular maintenance. This includes regular cleaning on a daily basis. But sometimes, particularly if the facility is very busy or deals with organic products, regular cleaning doesn’t cut it anymore. This is when your property requires deep cleaning. What exactly does deep cleaning consist of?

A commercial deep cleaning service will do all the basic janitorial work, plus more. The cleaners will use commercial cleaning products to take out the dirt and grime that have become deeply ingrained in the property, as well as carry out regular vacuuming, tidying up, and dusting. They will clean all windows and ovens, as well as clean behind your large appliances. But calling the cleaning service requires some preparation on your part as well. Here are some steps that you can take to make your business cleaner ready:

Disconnect all electrical connections

In an office setting, you probably have lots of computers and other devices plugged in at all times. To make sure that everything is handled correctly and to avoid accidents, unplug all non-essential devices and store them safely so as not to get them wet. If the cleaner is going to go into rooms with high voltage devices, make sure to warn them appropriately and turn off the mainframe switch.

Keep track of all your important documents

If you run a busy office where there are lots of papers and files lying around, such as an architectural firm, make sure that you have kept track of all your important documents such as chequebooks and sensitive reports. Tidying up can sometimes result in things getting lost. If there are certain parts of the workstation that should not be touched, make sure to let your cleaner know before they start working.

Do the required background checks

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Before hiring someone to do the job, make sure that you check that they have the required credentials for it. Make sure that they have certifications that attest to their training; otherwise, they can cause damage to your property. Also, make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. Always ask to see references and proof of them having liability insurance.

Walk them through your property

To help them better understand your cleaning needs, you should give your cleaner a tour of your property. Explain to them how to access all the different parts. Make sure that they are familiar with the environment before they start and know of all the exits. Also, let them know if there are any special requirements for any of the rooms.

Be an effective communicator

Most importantly, you need to communicate your needs clearly and effectively. If there is something that they have overlooked, make sure to let them know so that it can be addressed. Communicate your preferences and wishes in a way that will make both of your work easier.

Cleaning and janitorial services need to be carried out in a timely manner for maximum effect. Make sure to be organised for your cleaner, and let them know your requirements. You need to be prepared as much as they do.

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