Products, Packaging, and the Unboxing Experience

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Word-of-mouth has been an effective method of advertising for centuries. The advancements of the digital age, however, allowed the method to become even more powerful and reach more people. The Internet gives people new avenues to share their thoughts and experiences.

Unboxing videos are a new and unusual trend based on the power of word-of-mouth. If you’ve never heard of an unboxing video, its premise is simple — a person simply records the moment they open a product and gives a running commentary of their entire experience.

Despite this simplicity, unboxing videos are a driving force behind improvements in product packaging. Design and advertising agencies from Provo, Utah to as far as Singapore and the UK are working hard to raise the bar on packaging design to leverage the popularity of unboxing videos and today’s culture of sharing online.

What You See is What You Get

The simplicity and straightforwardness of unboxing videos is the core of its popularity. It allows people to see the packaging and, more importantly, the product itself through a largely unfiltered and honest video. Viewers get an untainted view (and opinion) on the product packaging and its contents.

It’s an effective way to verify the quality of a product without having to shell out money. After all, video content creators don’t just narrate their experience with the packaging and presentation of the product. They also try out the products, give their opinions, and recommendations. It helps consumers make more in-depth product comparisons and more informed purchasing decisions.

Leverage the Unboxing Trend for Marketing

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Creative packaging design and a thoughtful product presentation will help you leverage the unboxing trend for marketing and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Don’t worry about investing more effort and money into your product packaging and design for a short-lived trend. The digital age, the experience economy, consumers’ thirst for information, and their increasingly smarter budgeting come together into the ideal environment for unboxing videos to thrive.

Billions of users are on YouTube every month, where with thousands and thousands of new unboxing videos are posted online. At the same time, thousands of consumers are searching for unboxing videos on YouTube each month. Social media influencers know unboxing videos and product reactions or reviews generate traffic, so they keep on creating those kinds of videos.

The subject of unboxing videos run the gamut from digital devices and appliances to toys and cosmetics. Whatever product you’re selling, no doubt an unboxing video can be made about it. In fact, there may be one out there already.

Designing a Quality Unboxing Experience

No one will deny the effect of a killer product on an unboxing video. After all, seeing the product is what most users want. Quality packaging (and subsequent unboxing experience) raises its appeal, though. Despite the age-old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” many people simply can’t help it.

A professional ad agency can help you create eye-catching packaging through creative designs, innovative packaging options, appealing color palettes, and more. Apart from the outer packaging, make sure the inside packing material adds a “premium” value to your overall product presentation. Don’t just fill your box with shredded newspaper (unless it goes with your brand identity or product marketing).

A short, handwritten thank you note, a few small freebies, and tasteful decorations can go a long way towards creating a quality unboxing experience.

Whether you love them or hate them, unboxing videos will be here for years to come. As a business owner, it’s essential to adapt to trends and leverage them for greater profits and marketing.

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