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Protecting Your Move: Moving Insurance and You

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Moving is a massive undertaking, and many things can go wrong with it. Everything from lost possessions to damaged objects can happen. Most of these problems can be avoided with proper preparation, but not everything can be prevented. If you want to ensure that you get some protection for your belongings, you’ll want to get some insurance. Here’s how to make that happen for you:

You Might Already Have It

Before you start looking for moving insurance, you should. Some insurance policies have a clause that protects your belongings while they are in transit or storage. That is precisely what happens when you are making a move. You will have to ask your insurance provider some questions about your policy, though.

This includes asking how the policy covers long transit and what sort of circumstances are covered by the policy. This might mean that the insurance only covers damage and not full breakage or an item being lost.

Work with Professional Movers

One great way to be sure that you can get insurance is to work with professional movers. Some insurance companies can be picky about who they give their insurance to, With a moving company, you automatically get some insurance. For example, auto transport carriers who can transport your car for a cross-country move are legally required to have insurance of at least $100,000.

You can supplement that with your insurance so that you can have maximum protection. Other movers will also be able to provide the same service for your other belongings. Some offer moving insurance as part of the service, though you’ll have to pay extra. It will be a smart idea to ask your mover  so that you can make an informed decision.

Know the Levels of Protection

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When you are finally getting insurance, you can get. First, there is Released Value Protection. This is the basic package and is usually offered automatically as part of any moving package from a professional mover. This is technically federal law, so there is a mandated rate.

For every pound of possessions being moved, the insurance covers it for 60 cents. This means that if 20 pounds of properties are damaged or lost, then the mover is only liable for $12. This is despite how much the actual value was.

Because of the low payout, many people choose Full Value Protection. Instead of an arbitrary value, the mover has to either repair the item, replace the item, or pay you the full cash value of the item on the market. The only thing it doesn’t cover are items of extraordinary value like jewelry. So if you are transporting valuables, then you might want to carry it on your own.

No Worries on the Way

If you often worry about things, then insurance will help give you some peace of mind on your move. With proper coverage, you can be sure that whatever does happen to your belongings, you will get adequate compensation. Get insurance now so that you can properly focus on the other aspects of your move.

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