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How to Build Your Online Presence Without Using Keywords

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For the last decade, business owners have been taught that search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to generate valuable leads for their websites. This led to most businesses adopting SEO solutions and integrating them into their strategies. Although successful in achieving its initial goals, this presented a drawback, specifically for long-term business performance.

By focusing solely on SEO, businesses failed to diversify the traffic that was directed to their websites. This limited their leads to the same people, preventing them from reaching their full potential online. Avoid this scenario with your online presence by employing different solutions alongside your SEO strategy.

Improve your website’s speed and security.

Your website plays a role in generating and converting leads. When it loads too slowly or is prone to data breaches, you risk a significant blow to your online reputation. Good website design is marked by easy navigation, clean visuals, fast loading time, usability and relevant content. Consider hiring a professional to carry out these improvements to make sure they are effective.

Publish relevant and informative content.

man logging in in wordpressYou are competing with more businesses online. By establishing yourself as an authority in the digital landscape, you improve your online presence for better lead generation. To accomplish this, you will need to be a source of fresh and relevant information. Consider training your in-house writers on how to write for the digital space. There are several cost-effective online tutorials available for anyone interested.

Increase engagement with your audience.

Your social media accounts serve as valuable tools in improving customer engagement. It’s typical for potential and existing customers to have questions about your products and services. Make your social media handles a place where they can reach you for these inquiries. You can also use these platforms to encourage existing customers to share their reviews, opinions and experiences of your products and services. The positive feedback is effective in improving your reputation. For negative feedback, you can use it as an opportunity to address issues you might not have been aware of.

Use link-building to improve online presence

Off-site content is just as important as those published on your website. Link-building content allows you to create paths across the web towards your website. A good off-site strategy also strengthens your online presence. When potential customers see your business named or linked back to from other sources, they consider you as an authority in the industry.

Use other types of media to your advantage.

The content you publish is not limited to blog articles and other written materials. It should also include infographics and videos. As more consumers spend their time online, they are exposed to different types of media from your competitors. Help them gain better familiarity with your business by publishing engaging and entertaining content on your social media accounts and other social platforms.

Diversification in your online marketing campaign is important in improving your presence on the digital landscape. Boost your SEO campaign by supporting it with other digital marketing strategies, and you’ll see your online clout expand.

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