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Unusual Careers That Actually Pays Well

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Traditional professions such as a doctor, lawyer, authorized bail bondsman, nurse, or engineer are jobs that people are most likely to pursue because they are common and have a stable salary. Other people have an interest in weird things and want to pursue unusual careers. Some do funny stuff for money and unexpectedly earn well.

Here are ten jobs that are anything but the ordinary:

Professional Mourner

professional mourner, also known as “moirologists,” is an acting job hired by family members to grieve during a funeral. The goal is to increase the number of funeral attendees, bring in fresh faces, show support for the departed, and assist individuals in coping with a catastrophe by observing other people’s emotions of grief.

Salary: $40-$150 per funeral

Netflix binge watcher

watching television

People who love to watch movies daily are perfect for this job. Each series must be reviewed based on story and plot lines, “Netflix and Chill” appropriateness, acting quality and cheesiness, episode satisfaction, and series endings.

Salary: $300-$500 per month

Lego Master model builder

Playing with Legos as a career seems like a dream job every kid who grew up building empires with tiny lego bricks fantasized about. For a few lucky folks, it’s a dream come true. A master model builder’s job is to design complete models independently and build public-safe, self-supporting Lego models that serve as a Lego spokesman to their brands.

Annual Salary: $37,500 


A flavorist, also known as a flavor chemist, is a job that requires you to develop and duplicate flavors. To deconstruct natural tastes, the work demands detail-oriented taste buds and a good sense of smell. Using fragrance compounds, oils, extracts, and essences to complement flavors requires a strong understanding of chemistry as well as a dash of creativity.

There are approximately 500 accredited flavorists throughout the world. The prerequisite for accreditation is a minimum of ten years, but they reduced it because there aren’t enough people to fill that role. Additionally, it will take seven years of in-house professional development with someone who has already received certification.

Annual Salary: $65,867

Costume attendant

Have you ever wondered why the actors and actresses change an outfit so fast to the next scene during a live show? It’s the costume attendant’s job. Inventory of costumes, wigs, or cosmetics is monitored, maintained, or secured, with keys or access granted to appointed directors, costume designers, or wardrobe mistresses/masters. They organize costumes in the order in which they will be used to enable quick-change processes for performances.

Annual Salary: $43,400

Underwater pizza delivery man

This is one of the most unique scuba diving jobs ever to exist. The job is the same as a delivery pizza man who brings pizza to your place but underwater! It was Rob Doyle who gave this idea. He wears his scuba diving gear and swims to his underwater hotel.

Deodorant Tester

Products are constantly tested before selling them out to the world, but before all that, there are some weird tests to be done before selling them, like, deodorants. These products require deodorant testers. Their job is to stick their noses into armpits with deodorants in them; they use their ability to identify scents precisely.

Annual salary: $19,000 to $52,000

Dog food taster

A pet food taster’s primary work is testing, not tasting — analyzing the nutritional worth of specific pet food, creating reports, and identifying methods to improve new pet foods presently being developed. Still, they have to get down to business and sample it at some time.

Salary: $12-$15 per hour

Professional sleeper


An expert who is paid to sleep to assist researchers in particular investigations. In addition, skilled sleepers help various companies, including pillow manufacturers, hotel owners, multiple artists, and clinics, by resting and sharing their views and advice on relief and comfort.

It is not necessary to have any special skills to work as a professional sleeper. You will, however, have to be at least 18 years old and reach several other standards to participate in research. This will differ from business to business, but overall, you’ll have to be in excellent health and ready and able to provide your complete medical records, as well as, in some cases, the health information of your entire family, to qualify for the position.

Annual Salary: $15,000

Professional Queuer

A professional Queuer is someone who waits in line for money, and that’s all there is to it. There is no need for prior experience or particular abilities; all that is necessary is the capacity to bear with persistent boredom for hours, if not days, on end.

Annual Salary: $30,212- $60,736

A career is where most people are stuck for the rest of their working life. Choosing a job can be a dilemma because you want to ensure it’s something you love and are passionate about. These careers could be your saving grace.

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