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Using ID Badges for Identification and Security

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Identification cards and badges are a common sight in schools and workplaces. Employees, employers, school administrators, students and just about everybody wear some sort of an identification badge as proof of their credentials.

Companies and schools also require photo ID badges in the UK as part of security procedures. ID badges can come in different forms and variations and have various applications in day-to-day life.

ID Badges in Work and Lifestyle Environments

People working in supermarkets, malls and lifestyle centres wear their ID badges as more of an identification tag rather than for security purposes. The retail industry usually designs their ID badges with a photo, name and department. This way, it becomes easier for customers to address the employees.

These badges are attached to clothing or the pocket using a lanyard or a clip. Some use magnetic holders to keep the badge in place while there are those who wear it with retractable holders, which makes it easier to use, especially in fast food chains.

Badges can also be customised to use different technologies, including NFC, RFID, EMV, as well as magnetic stripes. These allow the wearer to access different areas of a building according to their security levels, without the need for any other device or key. ID badges can also be paired with biometric readers for better security.

Most companies also use ID badges both for security and identification purposes. There are badges designed with special chips, security strip and other security features. These types of badges can also be used to open secured doors, time-in and time-out and access personal files where it is registered to be used.

ID Badges in Schools and Universities

Electronic badge access control system

Educational and academic institutions issue identification badges to students, faculty and all school employees for security and identification purposes. For elementary and high school students, they are required to wear their ID with photo, name and homeroom. There are also schools with high-tech facilities which utilise ID badges as their entry card to school premises. This has become necessary for some schools in large cities because of incidents of unauthorised individuals breaching school security.

In universities and colleges, ID badges are also more functional, as they are programmed to allow students to enter some departments and school facilities. Badges are also used for registration, library functions and laboratories. It is important to maintain the safety and security of these educational institutions the way the other institutions are doing it.

The variety of identification badges has developed over the years. What used to be a simple card carrying the wearer’s photo and name has evolved into a multi-functional ID card, which is programmed to allow the bearer access to doors, departments, point-of-sale systems in stores, time logs for employees, school register systems and many others. Schools, companies and almost all industries require the proper wearing of ID badges for easy identification and security. These badges can be easily customised and designed with the logo and the overall theme of the company or school.

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