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Turn Family Activities to Chances to Educate

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The options are endless when you want to spend time with the family. There are so many places for family entertainment, from free parks to fun indoor playgrounds. There’s also the old-school movie house where everyone can see the latest blockbuster film. Online, you have even more options. There are virtual games that mimic card games you used to play as a child. How many games can be a family activity that also teaches children new skills? Here are three to start with:


Playtime is a good way to teach children new skills because they are having fun. They are more open to listening to what you tell them, and it will stay with them for a longer time. When you include them in your gardening activity, you can tell them about the importance of mulch in the growth of plants or how they should water their plants early in the morning or late in the afternoon, especially in summer in Salt Lake City. These nuggets of information can come in handy when they’re growing their own garden in the future. You’ve helped them be one step closer to living a sustainable lifestyle all because of one family activity. You can also get then involved when you buy trees and plants from reliable suppliers, such as Millcreek Gardens, for your family garden.

Memory Game

Mother playing with her daughterWhen you’re stuck on the road with children on board, it’s either idle time or an opportunity to learn. Play a counting or memory game to keep them interested while also helping them exercise their mental muscles. The rules can be simple, such as naming all the items they can see that are of a particular color, shape, or size. You may also ask them to memorize something, which you will ask them to recall after a few minutes. Information retention is something that anyone can get better at with practice, and your child will thank you for this skill you have helped them develop.


Arts and crafts is something that can be fun for children and can also hone their artistic and spatial skills. They may think that they are only helping you cut shapes for your scrapbook, but in reality, you are exposing them to the interesting world of arts. Soon, they may want to do it by themselves, and you can further guide them through classes and workshops. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child excel in a skill that can be a way for them to de-stress in the future.

Show and Tell

This is not just about the activity you decide to focus on. It’s also about helping children become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Show and tell with the family teaches them to stand up and be confident. They may present an artwork they worked on, or they might be introducing their favorite toy. There’s no right or wrong presentation, so they will feel relaxed when they talk. That’s the mindset you want them to have when they’re at school and asked to speak in front of their classmates. If they’re used to doing it, it will feel less scary.

Children develop their skills from school and at home. Do your part in preparing them for a bright future.

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