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Which Industries Are Growing During the Pandemic?

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One may not think of flourishing industries when discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world. However, the shifts and adjustments that it has brought about have put industries and avenues in the spotlight, making them the stars of an almost dystopian reality that everyone now lives in. Curious to know what some of these booming spaces may be, be it for curiosity’s sake or a prospective investment? Read on.


It seems like everybody is into baking nowadays. Just look at all the trending topics on social media and the sudden surge in baking goods and orders for supplies and the like. For that reason, bakery franchise opportunities are looking even more attractive now, and more people have hopped onto that train to sustain a living during these times. It’s been a great way to cater to both the people taking out their stress through baking and those who want to order the baked goods and stress-eat.

Video Conferencing

If there’s anything that has seen a surge in the world of business, it’s video conferencing. Different apps are vying for the top spot, but these apps saw over 62 million downloads in March alone. That is because of the spread of remote working, answering the need to continue holding face-to-face meetings and shared presentations without actually having to be in the same physical space. The educational sector has also been trying to make use of these apps to continue schooling for students.

Online Gaming

While video conferencing has also catered to people who want to hang out with their friends and family, there has been a jump in online gaming. Even people who previously may not have spent as much time with gaming are now taking the leap because of all the quarantining. From mobile games to computer games and online party boxes, gaming has been a solid answer to boredom that many people have been turning to, leading to a boom that has made the video game giants thrive.

Remote Learning

Educational technology has also seen an increase as everyone from secondary to higher education finds ways to continue their learning despite the restrictions set into place by the pandemic. Aside from online chats, platforms that carry modules, videos, and other digital tools have seen a marked increase in interest and engagement. That has prompted much discussion over internet accessibility in many homes and security measures for these digital tools, but they have become a necessary resource during this time.

Food Delivery

pizza delivery

As more restaurants continue to limit their dine-ins, and people limit their trips outside as much as possible, one avenue that has gone into high gear is food delivery. Look onto the streets and commercial establishments running, and you’ll mostly see food delivery drivers picking up orders from the masses of people stuck at home, craving their favorites. The demand has increased the need for active drivers and even prompted expansion from some platforms.

As the virus continues to affect everyone and change the course of life, some of the exponential change has benefited specific industries in a way arguably few could have predicted.

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