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6 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Startup Office

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Since a startup is technically in its baby stages of business growth, spending a lot of money for office decor wouldn’t make sense. Find out how you can decorate your startup office on the cheap.

Startup offices have that certain type of vibe. With a workforce composed of the younger generation, a modern startup office stays away from the rigid structure of the traditional office. Instead, it aims to make the workplace more fun, engaging, and work-conducive.

Do you want to create the best startup office but don’t have a lot of money? Here are some ideas you should consider:

1. Interior signs

Nothing screams ‘legit’ more than an attractive interior sign, which you can get at an affordable price in Houston. A sleek and modern office sign can make a good impression on clients and even inspire your employees by seeing the company name on the walls. Don’t just stop at a reception lobby sign; you can have signs added to your break rooms, conference rooms, and even the main work area.

2. Plants

Bringing nature inside the office is a cheap and effective way to brighten up the place. Seeing plants in the office also tends to make employees feel relaxed, according to many researchers. Get low-maintenance plants that don’t need much water or sunlight to thrive. It also wouldn’t hurt to get a few fake ones.

3. Thrift store finds

Man in a modern officeYou don’t need to spend a lot to turn your office into a beautiful space. When the budget is tight, go to the thrift store to find accents that can make your office look more interesting. Thrift stores carry a lot of rare and vintage items, so be sure to spend some time sifting through the stuff that you can either reuse or repurpose.

4. Scents

If your office smells good, people will tend to be more productive and stress-free. Be sure to cater to the sense of smell by adding an air freshener in your workplace. You can buy commercial air fresheners or more natural options such as essential oils, scented wood blocks, oil diffuser, citrus spray, or microwaved vanilla extract.

5. Splash of color

A trend with office startup design is the use of monochrome color palettes. Sure, minimalism is a great way to make the mind less cluttered, but it can also make the office boring over time. To combat this, add a splash of color here and there with a mural, an art piece, or an accent wall. According to psychology, colors inspire employees and stimulates the mind, which will affect productivity.

​6. Free art

Spending money on art may be out of your startup’s league. Luckily, there are lots of pictures available online with a Creative Commons license that will let you print it out at no cost. Find inspirational things such as quotes, landscape shots, animal portraits, etc. that you can crop, print, and hang on the wall.

Some offices are great looking, while others are boring. Fortunately, with these nifty tips, you can transform your startup into a youthful, inviting space that will make your employees and clients happy.

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