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Doing a Good Job: Providing Impressive Customer Experience

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A business can strive when customer experience — the relationship between a customer and a business — is good. It involves discovery, cultivation, awareness, purchase, advocacy, and service. It falls under Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and through a good experience, customers will return to purchase more or avail of services.

Have Reliable Communication Lines

A good communication line between a business and its customers is important. With this, business telephone systems must be available to cater to customers all the time. Inside the office, these systems ensure that there’s proper communication between office workers. This way, a customer will receive fast customer service. Included in the means of communication between businesses and customers are a live chat, feedback forms, social media support, and platforms with video chat assistance.

Implement Customer Experience Vision

Use the company’s vision as a guiding force to keep customers coming back. The vision is a set of principles that the company believes and adheres to for providing the best for its customers. A vision is also what the company aspires to be.

Get to Know Your Customers

Know your potential and existing customers. For example, a sporting goods company must attract people who are living an active lifestyle. Concerning that, age, gender, and location are some of the things you must take note in targeting its potential customers. Customers must feel that the company gets their style and understand their passion.

Create a Warm Connection

A warm connection must be established between a company and its customers. To do that, there are times when you must do something that isn’t on the books. This is to prove your concern to customers.

For example, a customer is getting married and bought a king-sized bed. When a company learns about this, would they just pack the bed and deliver it as is? Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to send a set of fitted sheets as a gift to congratulate the bride and the groom? That’s an emotional connection.

Listen to Feedback

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Feedbacks, no matter how good or bad, can help a company address issues or praises. Feedback is good because this is where you can gauge if you’re doing well or need improvement. For that, feedback must be answered on time. Feedback can be sent through e-mail, a call, text, social media comment, etc. Customers will appreciate it if they get a response to feedback.

Create a Brand Personality That Customers Will Remember

How can you do this? First, a memorable brand is something that most companies already know, but how to build it is the question. A brand must be defined and persistent to gain following. An example of this is mobile phone companies that have their signature units. People remember it because there’s continuity.

Good customer experience will depend on the company’s eagerness to follow through the many things that make it whole. There are many things that a company can do to give a good customer experience. As long as the company is clear with how it wants a customer to get a positive experience then it is doable.

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