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Top 9 Vital Advances in Business Technology

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Technical innovations in the IT industry have been growing faster during the past few years. Some have greatly impacted the general public, while others are in the background affecting the way companies do business. The following are nine current important innovations that will continue to drive IT in the coming years:


Nowadays, it is more convenient for any business to set up an online shop. With a broad spectrum of open-source e-commerce platforms such as Zen Cart, osCommerce, OpenCart, and WooCommerce, there is no shortage of choices for doing business online.

Business Management Applications

With the influx of various CRM platforms, there are a lot of ways you can now easily manage your business from a single dashboard. Take for example Salesforce. This cloud-based multi-tenant business app can work wonders for your business. With this app, it is now easier to make market automation, human resource management, and other various professional service automation.

Content Management Systems

content management system

Companies create a corporate website on platforms such as WordPress, Sitecore, and Drupal. Gone are the days when we had only static websites that needed someone well-versed in CSS, Javascript, or HTML. Enterprises of various sizes can now modify content without hiring web developers. Still, there is still a place for experts as these kinds of CRM platforms can be dynamic and expanded in several ways.

Office and Email Applications

For businesses, there are now a wide array of email and office apps to use such as Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite from Google. These eliminated the need for in-house mail servers and desktop mail clients. Aside from these, there are a feature-rich document, spreadsheet, and presentation apps that can be used with cloud storage features for seamless office productivity.

Web Conferencing

This is so popular these days. Apps such as and GoToMeeting have provided ways for sales and marketing people to communicate with various prospects worldwide without leaving their offices. They have also taken international communication to a different level

Webinar Applications

These applications have become indispensable for various organizations. They have taken seminars to a higher level with practical apps such as Cisco’s WebEx, GoToWebinar, and BrightTalk. Now organizations can convene, meet virtually, and conduct seminars or workshops online.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications for business have been very useful these days. Users can use mobile apps to have access to CRM systems, check or update shared files and documents, and receive and make phone calls via VoIP systems. In the U.S., various IT solution companies are doing their best to create useful business mobile apps that can facilitate better business processes.

Video and Audio Hosting

With the future of marketing all geared toward video, there is no wonder why more and more businesses have grown by leaps and bounds. Many companies such as Vimeo and YouTube ave proved the importance of video marketing as a vital part of an efficient business strategy.


Products such as XenServer, VMWare, and Hyper V from Microsoft have helped IT people manage multiple servers easily and with very limited physical resources or budget. With the right virtualization partner, servers can be utilized cost-effectively from select hosting providers.

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