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Is Side Hustle Stack Good for Earning Income?

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The cost of living in America is getting more expensive. In 2022, the Social Security cost of living adjustment (COLA) is 5.9 percent, reportedly the highest it has been in 40 years. In 2023, COLA will be even higher at 8.9 percent or more. With the rising cost of goods and services and wages not matching inflation, what people earn isn’t paying for all of life’s necessities and may give way to long-term financial problems.

Small wonder then that more than 44 million people have a side hustle going. And for most people, one side hustle isn’t enough. This financial need has given birth to a relatively new term — and a new free resource: side hustle stack.

What is Side Hustle Stack?

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A side hustle stack is a term describing the piling up of several side hustles to increase earnings. These side hustles may be multiple freelance works or passive income streams. It may also include working in temporary positions under short-period contracts, as in the gig economy.

Is there a number one side hustle?

Some of the most popular side hustles are work-from-home schemes, owing in large part to the pandemic. With travel and movements limited, people and organizations have had to adapt to virtual operations.

Demand for side hustles has grown that a resource has been created to meet that demand.

Is SideHustleStack.Co Real?

Where do people find side hustle opportunities? Some side hustles may be acquired through word of mouth, like dog walking, house sitting or private tutoring. Others are advertised on forums, like craigslist or freelance platforms, like Upwork. And then there’s the sidehustlestack website. is a directory of short-term work opportunities from various platforms. You’ll find several platforms, like:

  • Curated (personal shopping)
  • Playbook (fitness instruction)
  • Supercast (podcasting)
  • Ghost (writing)
  • Qwick (restaurant work)
  • GoShare (driving and tasks)
  • Instawork (tasks and services)
  • Eventbrite (event organizing)
  • Meowtel (pet care)
  • Neighbor (rentals)

And loads more with fewer barriers for entry, making it easy for those looking to improve their earning potential without leaving their day jobs.

Gig workers and part-timers are not the only ones who can use Side Hustle Stack. Startups and would-be entrepreneurs may also check it out to source temporary or shift workers.

How Do You Use Side Hustle Stack?

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Developed by Li Jin (investor), Brandon Handoko (Berkeley CS and cognitive science), and Lila Shroff (Standford undergrad), Side Hustle Stack is real. But instead of listing the side hustles, the website features a large number of platforms that provide those opportunities.

The free resource gives you an overview of what to expect from platforms like Instawork, Playbook or Neighbor. Click on a platform and you’ll have details on:

  • Type of work (e.g., tasks and service)
  • Job type (e.g., gig work)
  • Description of the platform
  • Average income
  • Reviews from users

Instead of searching for different platforms on search engines, use to find the right platform. Once you find the platform you prefer, head straight to their website and look up gig work, temporary jobs, or side hustles.

You can also submit a review on the Side Hustle Stack site. Although not all of the platforms have feedback from past users; Instawork reviews, for example, are not on but on different sites.

How Much Should a Side Hustle Pay?

What you earn from gig work or a side hustle will depend on the nature of the job and your skill level. In general, a dog walking gig could start as little as $10 for half an hour. But this rate is at the low-end; high-end services or those with more experience may earn as much as $35 for the same time. Dog walkers typically charge per dog as well, so if you’re walking five dogs for half an hour, you’ve made $175 for half an hour’s chore.

The more experienced, savvy dog walkers also offer other services for additional fees, like boarding and grooming. Other clients may not want you to walk their dogs but need you to drop in their home to check on the dogs; that’s another service. So what may seem like a low-income stream could turn out to be a good money maker if you have the right skills.

Other side hustles provide a greater earning potential, like buying and reselling stuff on eBay or Amazon. How much you get per month will depend on the quality of your goods and your sales skills.

If you’re looking for bigger figures in your side hustle, look into ride sharing (a potential of $1,000 a month) or listing your space ($1,000 per month, depending on your property).

Tips for Earning Big in the Gig Economy

  1. Look for side hustles with growth potential; that you’ll get a lot of opportunities from it.
  2. Consider your schedule before committing to a side hustle. Make sure it’s something you can fit into
  3. with your day job and other activities.
  4. Do market research on your side hustle; learn the average fees in your location.
  5. Build a list of repeat clients.
  6. Manage your side hustles well because every gig could earn you more jobs in the future.

Hustle to Get Ahead of Finances

Everything costs more today, and what you earn isn’t enough to meet your needs — especially when you have a family to support. You need to hustle.

When your day job allows time for extra work, look into a side hustle stack. Ask friends for part-time opportunities. Head to side hustle for platforms that offer those opportunities. And choose a few odd jobs or gigs that will let you boost your earning potential, pay down your debt or even develop a small business.

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