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How Can Ash Cash Help You with Financial Literacy?

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Financial literacy is the ability to understand and correctly use different financial concepts. This term is not limited to simply knowing how to calculate numbers or read a balance sheet, but it encompasses a wide range of topics, from personal finance to investing.

Although some people are born with a knack for money management, most people have to learn financial literacy through experience or education. And even if you think you’re financially savvy, there’s always room for improvement. This is where Ash Cash comes in.

Who is Ash Cash?

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Ash Cash Exantus is a financial literacy expert who can help you learn everything you need about money management, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning.

He is among the best financial educators in the country. His unique approach to teaching financial literacy has helped countless people achieve their financial goals. 

Also known as the Financial Motivator, Ash’s approach to financial education is culturally responsive. He considers different cultures’ unique needs and experiences when teaching his students. This makes his lessons more relatable and easier to understand for people from all walks of life.

In addition to being a financial educator, Ash is also a speaker and bestselling author. He has written several books on personal finance, including his most recent book, “The Wealthy Barber Returns.”

Ash is also the CEO and founder of MindRight Money Management. The financial education company helps people maximize their potential by providing them with the tools, resources and inspiration needed to live their best lives. It also inspires readers with investment ideas to help them make the most of their money.

Ash Exantus is also a financial empowerment coach and hosts “The Ash Cash Show.” He is also a regular speaker and trusted voice at national conferences for wealth empowerment, fiscal responsibility, and entrepreneurship.

Ash Cash was also featured in major media outlets, like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, American Banker, CNBC and Black Enterprise.

Why is Ash Cash popular?

What sets Ash Cash apart from other financial educators is his passion for helping people reach their full potential. His culturally responsive approach to wealth building, entrepreneurship and financial education make him relatable to people from all walks of life.

Life of Ash Cash

Ash’s story is one of the rags to riches – and back to rags again. He knows what it’s like to be struggling financially, which is why he’s so dedicated to helping others avoid the same pitfalls.

Ash Cash established himself as a personal finance expert with churches, community-based organizations, colleges and corporate America. He started selling shirts and mixtapes at the age of eight on 125th street and later went to work at a local supermarket.

At 12, he became fully responsible for his finances. Through thick and thin, Ash has maintained his focus on financial literacy. Ash Exantus later became the vice-president of a top bank in the United States at the age of 24.

Financial Education Author

He authored a book called “Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom.” The book’s aim is to provide step-by-step instruction for financial freedom and wealth empowerment. After the success of his book, Ash decided to retire from banking at 30 years old to focus on teaching financial concepts and entrepreneurship full-time.

However, he soon met unforeseen family problems and financial hardships, which forced him to return to the workforce. This would be his most important life lesson and a wake-up call for him.

Credit and Financial Life

Despite being unprepared for entrepreneurship, Ash started multiple businesses – some of which were successful and others that failed miserably. Through it all, he learned the importance of having a solid financial foundation. He now teaches others how to build credit, save money, and invest for their future.

This makes him different from other personal finance experts – he’s experienced the ups and downs of financial insecurity firsthand. He knows what it takes to turn a situation around and build wealth. He educates people about recovering from a financial crisis.

Ash Cash offers a unique perspective on financial literacy – he’s relatable, he’s passionate, and he knows what it’s like to struggle. If you’re looking for someone who can help you build a solid financial foundation, Ash Cash is the right choice.

Importance of Financial Literacy in the Black Community

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Photo by Desola Lanre Ologun on Unsplash

Financially literate African-Americans are more likely to plan and save for retirement, have non-retirement savings and manage their debt better. They’re also less likely to be financially fragile.

So African-Americans need to become financially educated to achieve financial wellness. It also helps them close the wealth gap and reduce economic inequalities with other demographics.

Additionally, African-Americans can also gain good credit history, which will help them in the future when applying for loans, getting lower interest rates and other opportunities.

They can gain financial inspiration from Ash Cash Extranus, who became a thought leader in finance.

How Can Ash Cash Help You Gain Financial Freedom?

Ash Cash can help you learn everything you need about money management, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning. He is among the top financial educators in the country, and his unique approach to teaching financial literacy has helped countless people achieve their financial goals.

Ash Extranus also helps people seeking true enlightenment to help them effectively manage their finances. He also helps them become fiscally responsible and create multiple streams of income.

Ash Cash also helps people avoid some money mistakes that can set them back financially. People should avoid mistakes: working hard for money, saving first, and not having the correct number of bank accounts.

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